Spéciale chats, avec Maru... Rachael Leahcar serait-elle la future "The Voice" australienne ?

Comme on le sait, les vidéos de chats cartonnent sur la toile...

En voici quelques unes qui buzzent en ce début avril...

Des chats qui n'aiment pas l'eau:

(celle de hier)


Et celui-là a faim en plus:


Le chat-réveil, qui n'a pas faim mais qui se sent seul (très tôt le matin):


Quelle patience...:


La vie d'un chat...:


Un chaton et des oiseaux...:

Et le retour de Maru, qui ne sait pas dans quel carton se mettre...:


Il faudrait toujours se méfier des hippopotames (même dans un zoo):

Rachael Leahcar ( Leahcar = Rachel à l'envers) est en train de faire le buzz après sa participation au casting à l'aveugle de l'édition australienne de "The Voice" (avec Seal comme coach). 3 secondes après le début de sa chanson, elle a déjà droit à une standing ovation...

Rachel chante La vie en rose et les 4 coachs se sont retournés.

Elle a 17 ans et est aveugle à 90%... Sa chanson est très bien classée sur iTunes.

Son parcours est à lire, en anglais, là:

 Perth ConfidentialFinding her Voice: The story of Rachael Leahcar

KEEN-eyed viewers of The Voice may have noticed something odd about Rachael Leahcar's name.

"Leahcar" is Rachael spelled backwards and shows the shy 18-year-old who wowed viewers last night with her soulful performance of La Vie en Rose has a sense of humour when it comes to stage names.

Rachael wrote on her Facebook page that she was using the pseudonym to avoid being inundated with friend requests from new fans.

"OK everyone!" she wrote to her 336 Facebook friends before Monday night's show.

"Before this goes to air, PLEASE whatever you do, DON'T TAG ME AS THIS NAME!!! I have had an ENORMOUS amount of friend requests already and am dying under the load!"

For those who want know more about the teen who gave the show its "Susan Boyle moment", news.com.au can reveal that she is a singer who has been striving for success all her life.


Rachael, who suffers retinitis pigmentosa, which means she is legally blind, has been playing instruments since the age of five.

At the age of 12 she made it through to the grand final of Fellini’s Search for a Star competition; at the age of 15 she won Dino Prizzi’s International Festival of Song competition, the prize of which was a chance to sing live on Italian television.

The former pupil of Brighton Secondary school in Adelaide has already had a successful start in the industry, having recorded two albums, won numerous singing competitions and travelled to perform in Rome for the Dino Prizzi’s International Festival of Song competition.

She has already recorded two albums and is an official ambassador for the Royal Society for the Blind. Last year she spoke about her wish to be a symbol for other youngsters struggling with a disability.

"I want to be a symbol of what people can do when they get some assistance," she said. "I'm trying to help those who are like me and didn't believe they could do things."

Her mother enrolled her in singing lessons when she was a young girl to help take the focus off her vision impairment.

"I wanted her to focus on the things she did have,” Rachael's mother said. “She has made me very proud."

Rachael's page on music site ReverbNation suggests that she is destined for success, even without the help of The Voice. She released her first CD, Rachael’s Repertoire, in October 2009, which included 10 of her most performed songs at the time. After such a positive response, she brought out a second album of cover songs, Rachael Leahcar.



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